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Project Brief
Reach a brand’s target audience, showcase the product or service and increase brand recognition

7 weeks

Tools + Techniques
Physical prototyping, Sketchup, Adobe Aero (AR), Aftereffects, competitive analysis + brand research


Stay Hilton. Go out of this world.

Lunar Hilton is a bold, immersive pop-up hotel bar located in Pittsburgh showcasing Hilton’s dedication to their guests and their ability to define the bounds of possibility as an industry leader in a way that excites the next generation of travelers.

🌎️ Part I: Brand Research (collaborative)
🌝️ Part II: Concept Development + Physical Prototyping
🚀️ Part III: Experiential Lunar Hilton in XR (1 week)

 The Challenge 

Household names like Hilton are often beat by industry disruptors.

How might Hilton invigorate the next generation of travelers to book Hilton over their competitors with a pop-up experience in Schenley Plaza (Pittsburgh) 2-3 years from now? 

 Physical Model︎︎︎ 

Metrics of Success ︎︎︎

👩🏼‍🚀 Customer Retention

        Increase in # of membership sign-ups across 18-35 year olds.
        Increase in # of bookings within 6-12 month period.

✨ Magical, Immersive Narrative

        People associate the experience with Hilton Hotels.
        Net Promoter Score >7 sent to attendees after the event.

🏗 Modular Hybrid Space

         Exterior can easily be moved and rebuilt in a different city.
         Interior does not exceed 400 sq. ft.

High Level Goals

1. Articulate Hilton’s brand, mission, and values rather than recreate.

2. Showcase Hilton’s history of personalization and care to emerging customer segments

3. Encapsulate the stories of current + future Hilton travelers

🌎️ Part I: Research (w/ Franklin Guttman)

How does Hilton’s operational philosophy differ from their competitors?

  1. How do you articulate a brand vs. create a brand
  2. How the industry defines their metrics of success
  3. What are the standards of making a space accessible?

View our full research analysis 👽️here👽️

 🌝️ Part II: Concept Development + Prototyping

Concept 01
GOLDN hones in not on Hilton’s ability to innovate as a company but Hilton’s ability to nurture breakthroughs within their guests and through their spaces

Concept 02
Selene brings back their 1960s history and development of Hilton on the moon. There is something compelling about a seemingly rigid and classic hotel conglomerate pursuing a concept more out of the box. I thought it was a good challenge in adaptivity to win over their emerging audience who prioritize experiences over familiarity. 

Physical Model: Exploration of Form and Space 

Focus on the tension between organic and rigid form as a way to communicate how Hilton is innovating.

Pop-up Constraints: 400 square feet.

Pre-existing Hiltons (Exteriors)

Exploration with Scrap Material

Iterations based on on Natural Crystal Formations

Digital Exterior Iterations in SketchUp

Pre-existing Hiltons (Interior)
 Exploration with Scrap Material

 Parti Diagram 

 Experience Walkthrough ︎︎︎


How do you want to feel?

Reserve Tickets + Check In: Capture how the guest/traveler feels and create a drink around their responses to showcase Hilton’s sense of personalization.


You’ve been feeling uninspired...

Peer into the Moon Crater: this experience acts as a “fortune teller” or aid that shows how Hilton cares for the wellbeing of their guests.

Messaging: How do you want to feel? We’ve prepared an exemplary concoction and fuel for your psyche in this moment. Peer in the crater to see what we’ve created just for you.


Anyone out there?

Immersive lounge: the circular and full-length screens with videos of the moon running on the side walls are intended to feel like windows placing you on a whole new world.


Step into (Hilton) history

Hybrid interaction where visitors imprint their foot on the moon as a way of leaving their mark and figuratively adding to Hilton’s history.


Safe travels!

Guests receive a novelty space food item for personalization and further extended experience.

Messaging (spoken by bartender): Thank you for space traveling with Hilton Selene. Your company was delightful and you are now part of Hilton history. Please take our complimentary space food for your journey back to Earth.

🚀️ Part III: Experiential Lunar Hilton in VR

Building a multisensory Lunar Hilton...

Behind the scenes! With more time, I would like to make this a social experience with multiple users to regain the similarities from the in person collective experience.

  1. Guest sets up VR headset and space
  2. Enters Lunar Hilton experience, looks around
  3. Approaches moon crater to receive their fortune/drink
  4. Finishes crater experience, goes to bartender to retrieve drink
  5. Mingles with other travelers (next step, not prototyped)
  6. Gets to pick a snack before exiting

Utilizing 3D models + animations in Adobe Aero to test interactions

Suspending each scene in space to film

Understanding how the set-up experience could look like and transition into the digital experience.

When filming a transition, I layered the scened and “dove” through each image to get the effect.

Most recent iteration (same video from top)

Reflections + Insights

📈 Consumer trend reports are helpful, but focusing on a brand’s strategy and trajectory can set them apart in their individuality.

It also creates a collective vision for employees that’s exciting and cohesive from top down.

🤭 If you have to say “you know what I mean?” the idea isn’t communicated clearly.

Developing + refining an experience narrative can make or break your work. I mean, how meta is a VR experience (moon crater) within a VR experience? Whew.

👀 Video editing does not relay what an XR experience actually feels like.

It’s no match. To continue this project, I would like to build out the VR experience in Unity and try to demonstrate the concept in space.

💥  Interaction design within hybrid environments is an opportunity to ground fiction in truth.

Data-driven insights will propel a concept home for others.